Discover new customers and insights for your brand.

Engy sees all online discussions in real-time about your product, or people’s need for it, and engages in the conversation as your personal brand ambassador and intelligent sales agent.

How it works

Engy’s core is a highly intelligent proprietary AI natural language processing technology which discovers all conversations about your specific product or brand, topic, category, or someone’s need for a product like yours. It then engages in the conversation. And does so in a way that’s intelligent and in line with the tone and topic. While it is actually a sales agent representing your product, it does not try to push a sale immediately. This would be perceived as spam, and would not be well received. Rather, it looks for opportunities to communicate product highlights, and advocate product benefits. Think of it as a highly skilled diplomatic brand ambassador. Engy is an excellent mix of people and technology.

Actual people,
actual data

Like a search engine, Engy is an extremely powerful electronic brain which reads, understands, and interprets the web. Unlike a search engine, which focuses on content, Engy is pointed at live conversations. Meaning, not what a website publishes, but what people are actually saying when speaking with each other online - across any site.


Engy works on every discussion platform including Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, and other commenting platforms.

Custom product
page for you

The Engy team will build a custom page for your product on which contains images, content, and centers around a conversation interface where people’s questions are answered, and they’re able to buy now. You are very welcome to send us whatever content you’d like included, but it is not necessary. Our team will build your product page in the best way based on your site and other sites (such as Amazon,) where your product is showcased.

Get the Data

In our opinion, the most valuable thing you get is a unique real-time lense of market research, and actual actionable data interpretation and recommendation reporting from Engy. You get all the data. You get all the conversations - 100% transparent reporting. Every discussion thread. You will see exactly what people are saying, and what Engy says on your behalf. Also, Engy grows more intelligent and experienced with time.

What you get

Imagine having a crystal ball which shows you everything everyone is saying - right now - about their need for a product like yours. All across the web.
Visibility into prospective new customers
Direct engagement with them at the perfect time
Organic traffic and sales
Unique marketplace data and research
Actionable reporting
The most current trends in consumer opinion and interest



Engy was exceptional in revealing to us what people are looking for. We have a technical product, and are always trying to find new types of customers. Engy showed us what people were saying that we never considered.

Greggor Heil,


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